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Overseas Reporting

Read my Slate series about the Holocaust Archives in Bad Arolsen, Germany and the war time letters I found from my Grandfather- it's in five parts...

Covering how we see the Spanish Civil War and Second World War today

Spectres of a Fascist Past. Visits to a Spanish civil war mass grave and an exhibit on the same in New York. for
The Guardian

Paying Tribute to the Persecuted: Rivesaltes, France was a camp from 1936 until 1979
The New York Times

The Longest Shadow: Spain's failure to overcome its past says much about the state of the nation today. Newsweek

Spain's Quiet Corner : José Luis Cuerda and Galicia cover story The New York Times

A Priest's Crusade
The Christian Science Monitor

Paris' Dirty Secret - Jerusalem Report

New Chapter in Holocaust Justice The Christian Science Monitor


Pain in Spain - Zapatero and Obama for Politics Daily

New York Times cover story on the Two Basque Countries: Spain and France

Hillary Leaves a Door Open (German) Financial Times Deutschland

A French Revolution Travel & Leisure: anti-globalization and the wine growers of Languedoc-Roussillon

The Goal is Peace: A feature on racism and Israeli soccer for Reader's Digest

A Teenager's Asylum Plea Ignites an EU Immigration Debate
A Kosovar teenager's recent YouTube plea to let her stay in Austria is making Europeans rethink some of their immigration policies.

Why Royal Flopped
Her loss to Sarkozy marked merely the latest in a string of missed opportunities for the Socialists in France.

Chaos Reins: The saga of a hunger striking Basque terrorist is gripping Spain's attention
The American Prospect

Guess Who's Coming to Seder: Dewinter's Tale or How the European Far Right learned to love the Jews
The New Republic

Act of Desperation
The recent Madrid airport bombing is a sign that the Basque nationalist group ETA is flailing
The American Prospect

Strain in Spain African immigrants are pouring into Spain -- and stirring up animosity among other European countries. 10.6.06 The American Prospect

Indepedenzia Day The Basque people are still determined to gain independence. 8.25.06 The American Prospect

Crossing Borders A gay rights festival comes to Jerusalem 8.8.06 The American Prospect

Out of Bounds Racism has long plagued international soccer. 06.7.06 The American Prospect

Slightly Un-Orthodox Religious gay men and lesbians start speaking out. 1/06
The American Prospect

Europe Rethinks its safe haven status The Christian Science Monitor

New Chapter in Holocaust Justice The Christian Science Monitor

Veiled Illusion : French leaders believe their ban on headscarves in public schools will promote secularism among Muslims. But it will actually do the opposite. The New Republic

Anxiety of Influence: In the aftermath of Iraq, the French find themselves confronting a new phenomenon: gnawing self-doubt. The New Republic

Third way speaks to Europe's Young Muslims
The Christian Science Monitor

Iraq Assault triggers anti-Semitic backlash in France The Christian Science Monitor
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