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Burqa Ban? Quebec, France and Belgium move to ban the "total veil" for Politics Daily

Tariq Ramadan: Radical or Reformer:
Politics Daily

Passover with a fourteen-month-old for the Forward

C-Section or VBAC? in Politics Daily

INSURANCE companies that deny fertility coverage for the unmarried. SLATE.

Pain in Spain - Zapatero and Obama for Politics Daily

Vienna Diary for Hemispheres

C-section debate divides new moms Forward
two stories in the Forward:

NEW: Children Speak for Same Sex Marriage - New York Times Style

What's in a Name? The Forward

New: Drama Tween - Washington Post Magazine

New: Listen to me talking about Get Mortified on NPR's Tell Me More with Michelle Martin

New: Parental Guidance Hemispheres Magazine

New Comment is Free from the Guardian: On breast cancer screening; on achievements in GLBT rights in Obama's Year One.

Check out my most recent New York Times Travel cover story on the Two Basque Countries: Spain and France

How can a baby cost $22,000? Read here how: at Double X
You can also listen to me on NPR speaking about our fight with our individual insurance company to cover the labor and delivery of our baby -
and you can watch me on the Hill, speaking before the Joint Economic Committee on the same.

A tribute to Ted Kennedy, in Tablet Magazine

A Belated post: From this summer in the New York Times Travel Section: a revitalized Madrid Market and a fabulous hidden dining spot - Can Ravell -in Barcelona. 

And from the New York Times Style section:
For First Borns Second Hand Fits the Bill

Read my Slate series about the Holocaust Archives in Bad Arolsen, Germany and the war time letters I found from my Grandfather- it's in five parts...

A night out with Harvey Fierstein
New York Times

Read my five part cover story for the Washington Post on DC Area stars and work life balance - Norah O'Donnell MSNBC, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, DC Mayor Fenty, Carla Hall of Top Chef and Mike Green of the Washington Caps

Where is today's Harvey Milk? The Guardian

A new life for the pro-life movement The Guardian

Whose lie is it anyway? The Guardian

A night out with  Chris Matthews
New York Times

New: Recent commentary in the Guardian.
First among first ladies Nov 7 2008 on Michelle Obama

Not quite ready for change Nov 5 2008: While Americans opened their minds to elect Barack Obama, they also voted to restrict the rights of gay people in many states

The Sarah Palin effect Nov 5 2008:

Queuing to be a part of history Nov 4 2008

Mother knows best Nov 1 2008: Two ballot initiatives put the rights of the unborn above the rights of expectant women – including those with wanted pregnancies

How The View got politics Oct 28 2008:

Preying on the right Oct 23 2008

Tectonic plates over dinner 
When right is wrong
The Bush sex ed doctrine
Will the Real Sarah Palin Please Stand Up

O The Oprah Magazine: One Bite at a Time, Eating Makeovers - November 2008

Coverage of the 2008 Conventions for the Guardian:
on Palin's speech
on Barack Obama's speech
on Michelle Obama
on Hillary's speech
on Hillary as potential spoiler...

New Spain's Unchanging Costa Brava The New York Times - Cover story

New: Hillary Leaves a Door Open (German) Financial Times Deutschland

New: Conservative Ballot Initiatives May Affect 2008 Electon The Guardian

New: Rejeuvenating on France's Wild Coast The New York Times

New: The Global War on Sex Education The Guardian

New: The First Lady Tightrope Walk The Guardian

Massage not Work on the Kibbutz: The New York Times

36 Hours Vienna The New York Times

What a Girl Wants The Guardian

Circular Firing Squad The Guardian

Back to base The Guardian

Nagging Questions The Guardian

Latino Lessons The Guardian

Profile of Choreographer Bill T. Jones: . The Guardian

Diversity of Opinion: Yesterday's election results in Nevada and South Carolina highlights the importance of minority voters The Guardian

Best of Both Worlds. Hillary Clinton's victory last night will strengthen the Democratic party and its presidential candidate. The Guardian

Caught in the Ayatollah's Web. Two new memoirs of torture in Teheran.
New York Times Sunday Book Review.

A Clinton Operative Plays Operator. . A profile of Ann Lewis and the campaign's outreach to women. The Guardian

Vienna: Putting on the White Tie and Gown The New York Times

A French Revolution Travel & Leisure: anti-globalization and the wine growers of Languedoc-Roussillon

Madrid: Helena Rohner The New York Times

Uncomfortable Genius A review of Janet Malcolm's Two Lives: Gertrude and Alice in Ha'aretz

New Spectres of a Fascist Past. Visits to a Spanish civil war mass grave and an exhibit on the same in New York. for
The Guardian

Paying Tribute to the Persecuted: Rivesaltes, France was a camp from 1936 until 1979
The New York Times

The Longest Shadow: Spain's failure to overcome its past says much about the state of the nation today. Newsweek

Spain's Quiet Corner : José Luis Cuerda and Galicia cover story The New York Times

A new luster in the ancient heart of Brittany: Nantes The New York Times

Bird on a Wire Lady Bird Johnson walked the first lady tightrope perfectly. The New Republic

Portugal's hidden dream places" cover story The New York Times

Madrid The New York Times

A new culture takes hold in an old fishing town Aveiro, Portugal in The New York Times

Baerenthal, France Hotel K
The New York Times

9 Centuries of history and winemaking Stift Klosterneuburg, Austria The New York Times

Chaos Reins: The saga of a hunger striking Basque terrorist is gripping Spain's attention
The American Prospect

Guess Who's Coming to Seder: Dewinter's Tale or How the European Far Right learned to love the Jews
The New Republic

Sybaritic St. Moritz (cover)
The New York Times

Act of Desperation
The recent Madrid airport bombing is a sign that the Basque nationalist group ETA is flailing
The American Prospect

A Priest's Crusade
The Christian Science Monitor
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